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Western Potomac Economic Partnership


Real estate prices and taxes are well below those of neighboring areas. An hour away from some of the nation's most expensive real estate, The Eastern Panhandle povides a wide range of reasonably priced housing. With average home costs 33% lower than in Baltimore, DC and Northern VA, the Eastern Panhandle provides a convenient location with an affordable cost of living. Additionally, we have the lowest crime rate in America, an honor held for two decades. This eases the recruitment of night-shift workers, and brings savings in insurance costs. A West Virginia business benefits from our tradition of safety and security.


The Eastern Panhandle is a great destination for artists. The Morgan Arts Council provides an array of activities year round, and Berkeley Springs has been named one of the Nation’s Best 100 Arts Towns. The Over the Mountain Studio Tour showcases the work of local artists as they open their studios to the public, and Craftworks at Cool Spring offers a place where people and the creative life come together.

The Panhandle also has a rich history. You can visit
Fort Mill Ridge, which was constructed by union soldiers between March and June of 1863. In its location atop the ridge, the fortification stands about 400 feet above the surrounding countryside. Once completed, the fort established a strong artillery position that dominated the important access points into Romney that otherwise would have been difficult to overrun. Fort Edwards is an archaeological site of Hampshire County's earliest settlers and site of a French and Indian War fort. History enthusiasts will also want to visit the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War, The Jefferson County Museum and the Berkeley County Historical Society as well as the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.


The Eastern Panhandle offers miles of countryside and rivers for your enjoyment. You can enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, and river rafting on an outdoor adventure in the panhandle.

We also are a great destination for fresh local foods. Whether you would like to pick your own berries, enjoy fruits and veggies fresh from the farm, or are looking for locally raised beef, pork or chicken, the panhandle has it all. And we also have an abundance of restaurants that utilize these great fresh, local ingredients. Visit panhandlefarmfresh.com to find out more about the agritourism destinations in the panhandle.

Finally, the Panhandle is home to many great destinations and events. Whether you visit Morgan County’s Apple Butter Festival (
http://www.berkeleysprings.com/apple/ ) or International Water Tasting Competition, (http://www.berkeleysprings.com/water/about.htm) Berkeley County’s Pickin’ in the Panhandle, (http://www.panhandlepickin.com/ ) or Apple Harvest Festival (http://www.msahf.com/ ), Jefferson County’s Freedom’s Run (http://www.freedomsrun.org/) or Mountain Heritage Arts and Craft Festival (http://www.jeffersoncountywvchamber.org/festival/) or try Hampshire County’s Potomac Eagle Rail Excursion, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in the panhandle.

Visit the Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus for more information about events and destinations in the panhandle.
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